Machine à coudre SilverCrest : tout ce que vous devez savoir

Ranging from entry-level, mid-range to high-end, sewing machines can be very different in every aspect. Several big name brands have specialized in the manufacture and distribution of these machines in order to satisfy the different tastes of the customers.

In the following, we’ll tell you about the SilverCrest paypal’s bitcoin problem sewing machine, with all the information you need to know. Plus, we’ll show you where you can get it.

How does the SilverCrest sewing machine look?

It is important to know that this sewing machine is an entry level only allowing basic functionality. It is, however, very effective for beginners. It gives them great sewing precision, with such remarkable practicality. For more details, please visit this page .

The components of the SilverCrest sewing machine

In addition to the basic components of all basic sewing machines, the SilverCrest is distinguished by the presence of:

  • LED lighting , which saves battery;
  • A cover to prevent the accumulation of dust;
  • 5 different crowbar.

The features of the SilverCrest sewing machine

While SilverCrest is not the kind of sewing machine that offers quite advanced and sophisticated features, the options it does offer are quite interesting and well worth mentioning in detail.

SilverCrest sewing machine

First of all, we cannot actually neglect the advantage conferred by the automatic winding offered by this machine. Then, the automatic buttonhole mechanisms further facilitate the mission of the dressmakers, with its 4 different levels.

The 33 points of this machine are rather impressive, since they provide very interesting functions:

  • Zigzag stitches with different variations;
  • Practical honeycomb stitches for sewing elastic fabrics;
  • Les points de surjet, pour les surfilages en cas d’absence de surjeteuse ;
  • Le point droit basique, avec une précision très remarquable, qui gardent le même intervalle de 1 ou 2 mm.

Où pouvez-vous acheter la machine à coudre SilverCrest ?

Comme on l’a déjà précis avant, cette machine à coudre fait partie des entrées de gamme. Cela veut dire que vous pouvez l’obtenir à des prix relativement bas, tout en profitant des options élémentaires, ne dépassant pas les bases de la couture.

En fait, vous pouvez obtenir la SilverCrest à 70 euros pour des modèles assez anciens. Cependant, vous aurez à payer jusqu’à 90 euros si vous voulez le dernier modèle.

To buy it, you can go to appliance stores, since it is compatible with home use. On the other hand, you can find it in sewing stores or workshops.

You can purchase this sewing machine online as well. For this, you have several big name sites offering the possibility to buy it and deliver it to you. These shopping sites have the advantage of promotions and discounts that you can compare for a lower price.

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